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Habits- Keeping The House Up

imageThe habit I worked on this past week was to keep the house looking the way I’d like it to look when I return. It’s actually been a great opportunity. Since R is now 19 months old and fully mobile, it’s been an opportunity to start teaching her to clean up her messes before bed or before we leave to do something else.

It’s been a work in progress… If you give her step by step directions, she’s pretty good. On occasion, though, she’d get distracted and start taking things out of her toy box. As you can see, though, I’m pretty pleased by how the house looks.

It’s also a challenge to make sure I tidy up after myself, too. In the past, I’ve always waited to pick up until right before bed. But always tidying up before I leave to go somewhere insures the house stays tidy constantly. Well, most of the time.

This week is to get up at the same time every day, which has been quite a challenge!


Habits- unload the dishwasher

imageThis week, the habit I followed was to unload the dishwasher every morning. This was a great habit that quickly became part of my morning routine. I cooked twice today– yes, real cooking for breakfast and lunch– and the countertops are still clear.

Since I unloaded the dishwasher first thing, all I had to do was pop everything I used back in. I think this habit naturally lends itself to healthy eating, too, because I now have everything I need on hand to cook.

It looks as if the current habits are building towards a morning routine, and it’s working great. So far, I hop out of bed, make my bed, take my vitamins, throw in a load of laundry, and unload the dishwasher. The habit for this week is to leave the house the way you’d like to see it when you come back. I think this would pack more of a punch when I go back to work, but it’s a great reminder to pick up before I run an errand or the kids take a nap. Once they get bigger, I can get them in on it. I did it once today and it didn’t take long because I’m trying to straighten as I go.


A More Organized Life

imageI’ve pretty much struggled with organization my whole life. Lately, I’ve discovered that I do much better with a schedule and a routine. With a baby and a toddler, routine is so important in keeping my family running smoothly.

Two or three weeks ago, during a late night feeding, I found this link on Pinterest:

52 Habits To Change Your Life

I love this, and I got started immediately. You’re supposed to take one habit at a time and do it daily so you can properly work on the habit. I started from the top with making your bed. I used to do this before, but fell out of the habit. It was a great reminder, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel with a well-made bed. It makes me feel more organized and like my house is a bit tidier. It’s also nice to fall into late at night when I’m totally exhausted.

The next thing on the list is to take your vitamins/medicine at the same time every day. I do that anyway… I ended up putting my prenatal vitamins by the breakfast foods because I could never remember to take them. So now, every time I eat breakfast I take my vitamins.

Next was to eat breakfast every day. Again, I always do that anyway. I’m breastfeeding so after sleeping I’m pretty much Starving Marvin anyway.

The thing I’m adding this week is to unload the dishwasher every morning so we always have dishes available. I’m going to start doing this tomorrow.

I think since I’m adding each new habit on Saturdays I’m going to do a recap of how it’s going Fridays.

What do you do to stay organized?

24me app review

imageI wanted to tell everyone about this great app I discovered! Lately, I’ve really struggled with time management, especially at work. I could easily watch 8 hours go by and have barely accomplished anything.

Enter time blocking. Basically, you estimate how long each task will take you and enter it into a schedule. I started doing this via paper at work. I started to watch my productivity soar, to the point that a few days before I left for maternity leave I had nothing to do.

For some reason, using paper really did a doozy on me at home. I have J on a pretty good routine that works for us, so I began looking for apps that I could time block with. I wound up finding 24me, which is described as having an electronic personal assistant. I love it! I’m habitually guilty of thinking I have more time in the day than I actually do. So, I’ve started blocking in ‘baby’ time (i.e. Feed, play, down for a nap) and adding in my to-do list around those times. What’s even better is that if you have a meeting or appointment, you can enter the location and it’ll tell you when it’s best to leave based on current traffic conditions so you’re not late. Since I started using the app last week, I have not been late to an appointment.

Now, I’m pretty flexible when it comes to my schedule at home. Sometimes J wants to cluster feed and I have to move things around. Or he wants to sleep a bit longer. With two under two, there’s usually some sort of crisis that needs tending to, which can mean I have to put my to-do list aside to deal with it. When my husband works late and it’s just the three of us, I often have to do this. I just try to follow a loose routine to get R to bed by 8:30 and J asleep by 9 pm.

Because of this app, I’ve gotten more done and I feel far more organized.

I definitely recommend this app to everyone who needs some help with structuring their day to get things done.