My Piano Playing Routine

imageIf you’ve read my blog at all before, you’ll know how much I rely on routines. Without routines, I feel lost, like I don’t have a game plan. This goes with my piano playing as well. I am one of those people with many interests, and I’ve given up on many hobbies before. I don’t want to quit piano, so I need to stay focused.┬áMy practice routine goes as follows:

I make a cup of coffee and head downstairs to the piano. I set my practice timer for 30 minutes and begin.

I play a few easy warm up pieces. I picked up Alfred’s Adult Sacred Hymns book and I love it. If you follow along with his course, it’s pretty easy and the music is beautiful.

Once I get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’, I use my main Alfred’s All In One Adult book. When I get to a new piece, I try to practice as slowly as I can. Sometimes, I play hands together, sometimes hands separate, depending on my mood. I isolate tricky bars and work them as much as I can. Another tip I learned is not to be afraid to look up a piece on YouTube. Since everyone is different, you can’t copy another performer. I’m a long way from worrying about that, but for where I am right now, it helps to see how a piece should sound, especially if I’m not familiar with it.

As a ‘cool down’, I review some old pieces, trying to make them as perfect as I possibly can.

I know from past experience I’m not the greatest at practicing. To offset this, I wake up early every morning and make myself a cup of coffee. I look forward to my coffee every morning, so I just don’t let myself have it unless I’m down at the piano. I’m really pleased by my motivation to play every day!

Now I just need a teacher.

What do you do to make a daily activity more pleasurable for yourself?


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