5 Friday Favorites

imageI’m still going through the 52 Ways to Change Your Life challenge but the last two weeks the challenge has been to check your calendar every night and to write things down immediately so you remember to do them. I don’t have much to write about because I do those things anyway.

So, I decided to do my 5 Friday favorites instead!

1. Dance Academy- anyone watching this show? It’s on Netflix currently. It’s an Australian show about a bunch of teenagers accepted to the best dance academy in the country. It’s chock full of drama, but I love watching the beautiful dancing. It makes me wish I had stuck with ballet longer, but it’s nice just watching it on TV.

2. Practicing piano- this has become part of my morning routine, and I love it. I wake up, do some chores, make myself a cup of coffee, and play piano. I love the concentration that it takes to get things just right, and am so proud of myself when I get down a new skill. I’m teaching myself at the moment, and I’m very happy with how it’s going. My goal is to eventually get a teacher because I know things aren’t perfect yet.

3. My kids- I’m really enjoying this season of life. It’s not always easy (J likes to stay up until 10 and wake up at 5:30) but so much is going on right now! R will be 2 in October and she’s learning so many new words (“No, mine” are her favorites. 😉 ) They told me today that J just rolled over– just shy of 4 months old. Things are about to get more challenging around here!

4. Napping and nursing- J and I have done this as long as we can remember, but every afternoon we cuddle up in my bed while he cluster feeds and we nap off and on. I’ll miss this so much next week as I make the transition to going back to work! He is just so sweet.

5. Konmari- I’ve spoken of this before, but I fell off the wagon a few months ago when J was born. Who has time to purge with a new baby? I guess I have a desire to only deal with things I need and love and get a good system going before I go back to work. The more I declutter, the better I feel. We can probably have a new yard sale soon, ha.

What are you loving this week?

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