imageI’ve thought a lot lately about how being organized has really helped me lately.

First, I feel like even my brain is less cluttered, if that makes any sense. I start each day with a plan, and even if I get off schedule, I can recalibrate easily and still show up on time to things. Because the minor things are taken care of with some preperation ahead of time, I feel like there’s more room in my head to solve more complicated things. For example, I brainstormed a way that I hope will keep me better organized at work.

I’m also on time to things. I like to time block and make my schedule for the day the night before. I put into my schedule my driving time so I’m early or right on time to things I sign up for.

I’ve been able to take time to practice piano. In the past, I’ve always said that with a toddler and newborn there’s not time to learn new things. As long as I make time early in the day when I first wake up, I can knock out about thirty minutes of practice a day (with coffee).

I pre-ordered The Passion Planner for next year. This planner is set up for time blocking and to realize what your goals are so you can set aside time to reach them. I really hope it’ll work for me!

I’m already started to see the benefits of being better organized. I hope you will also make it a goal to be better organized, too!

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