52 Habits- Setting Out Breakfast Dishes

imageI’m still following along with the 52 Habits To Change Your Life. This week was to set out the breakfast dishes the night before. After dinner, when we finished cleaning up, I’d set out the dishes and cereal, down to the K-cup I wanted for my coffee.

I’m not so sure how happy this made us. It just felt like an extra step, and my husband (who’s working, I’m not at the moment) says it didn’t really save him any time. I’ve started packing him lunches, and he did say that helped.

However, the verdict is still out on this one. I want to keep up the habit at least until I go back to work. Since my job is close to the daycare, it’s usually up to me to drop them off. If it gets us to daycare and me to work earlier, it’s worth it so we can all come home earlier.

Next week is to lay out your clothes the night before. I do this one already, but it’s a great habit to have.


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