How I Structure My Daily Routine

imageI’ve learned lately that just like my little ones, I thrive on routine. I would prefer a strict schedule to get things done, but with a toddler and a breastfeeding infant, that’s next to impossible.

Here is how I structure my day:

Between 4-6 am: J wakes up to eat. If it’s early enough, we both go back to sleep. But if he sleeps in (like this morning) I’ll get up. J eats and goes back to sleep.

7 am: Wake up. I am NOT a morning person by any stretch. I don’t usually hop out of bed and get going. I’d like to change that, but right now my routine consists of a few stretches, Pinterest, Facebook, checking Bloglovin’, and using my Happify app.

Yesterday was Sunday so I snuggled in bed with my hubby and kids.

7:30-8: I stagger into the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee. Then I put a load of laundry in the washer. (I only do one load a day.) After the coffee is finished, I go downstairs and practice the piano.

8-8:30: I unload the dishwasher, take my vitamins, clean the counter in the kitchen, and sweep the kitchen floor.

8:30-9:00- I get myself ready.

9:00- I get out my Motivated Moms app and do my chores.

10:30- J gets up. I feed, change his diaper, get him dressed for the day, and start on what I call the ’30 Minute Blast.’ Basically, I try to get as much done on my To Do List as possible.

11:00-12:00- I have different things we do each day of the week. Monday is errands day; Tuesday is recycling day; Wednesday is church day (except for in the summer); Thursday is appointment day; and Friday is fun/library day. Saturdays I try to do fun things with the kids. I feed J during this time.

12:00-1:00- I make lunch and eat.

1:00- J and I settle down for a nap. He’ll cluster feed a lot during this time. If I wake up before he does, I’ll watch TV or surf the Internet.

4:00- Blog time.

5:00- If C is working late, I go to get R from daycare. If he’s picking her up, I watch the evening news.

6:30- C and R home. I play with R while hubby fixes dinner.

7:00- dinner/clean-up.

7:30- quick walk if time. Bedtime routines begin.

8:00- R to bed. I feed J and try to settle him down. I’m trying to push back his bedtime, but right now it’s about 9:30.

9:30- Bed for J, bedtime routine for me. I turn off my phone and the TV, pick up any clutter, and lay out breakfast dishes for morning. Then I brush my teeth and take a shower.

10:30-Bed. If I have any time, I read before falling asleep.

Phew! What’s your daily routine like? Stay tuned Wednesday for ideas on how to set up a routine that works for you.


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