Playing The Piano

imageThis past winter, I fell in love with the piano. There’s a gorgeous piano in the lobby where I work, and each night as I headed home,  I had the privilege of hearing one of the employees practice.

I wanted to teach myself how. I set out to buy myself a keyboard since I knew they were generally less expensive, but I came home with a Janssen instead. I bought this literally right before I went into labor with J!

I like to practice first thing in the morning, before the kids are even up. I usually take my mug of coffee down to the piano and play. For some reason, I feel like being able to play before I really start my day makes the rest of the day go better. It’s a quick sense of accomplishment.

I’m doing… okay as far as teaching myself. I played the viola (badly) from about the age of 9, so I know a great deal of music theory. That does help. But it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that I do need a teacher to help. We’re planning on looking this winter, probably after Christmas. I’ll be working again and J will be old enough he’ll be able to eat real food, which will make the separation easier on J and my husband.

I’m really having a blast learning! My goal is to be able to play some easy hymns by the end of this year and some fun movie soundtrack songs. Eventually, I want to tackle the classical music monster, but right now learning is all about having fun and getting down the basics.

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