A Day In The Life- Why There Are Support Groups For 2 Under 2 (Or Should Be)



7 am: I hear a  little fuss coming from J’s room. He quiets down shortly afterwards. Score! I get to sleep in until 7:30!

7:45:  I feed J and  he goes right back to sleep. I hear R talk to herself, then scream bloody murder.  C is off to work.

8  am: I feed R. So far so good. We have no groceries left so I don’t remember what I fed her, but I think as far as MyPlate goes, it’s a bit of a stretch.

9 am: We play. I have an episode of Sesame Street taped off the TiVo that R pays no attention to whatsoever. I have a weird spot in my mouth that’s kind of like a canker sore, but kind of not. I wisely Google ‘cancer.’ Not surprisingly, Google does not have a diagnosis.

10:30: J wakes up and I decide to take them to the mall so R can play. J wants to eat, so I feed him. I change his diaper and R’s diaper and pack up the diaper bag. I put her downstairs and pick up J. He’s had a blow out. I pick up R and she cries. I change J’s outfit and he cries. Now they’re both crying. I get the stroller ready and realize I parked in a different spot than I remembered. I attempt to lug a 19 month old, a 2 month old, and a stroller into the car.

11:35: We drive to the mall.

11:45: We get there in one piece, but I’ve parked at the wrong entrance so we have to walk. R insists on helping me push the stroller.

11:50: R has the time of her life sliding. And trying to do what the older kids are doing. She smiles at me a lot.

12:10: J has had enough so we go home. I give R lunch, which is quesadillas and grapes, because we still have no food.

It’s exhausting, but later that night I’m rewarded by R gently patting her brother and J giving her the sweetest smiles.

That’s why I wanted two.

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