Flo Costume And Tutorial

Hope you all had a great Halloween and Halloween weekend! After longing for some real fall weather, I got more than I bargained for because the weather was miserable, haha. Halloween night was windy and rainy and cold, then it got up to about the 40’s the day after. The kid and I take swim lessons on Saturdays, and even thinking about swimming was torture. Haha.

At work, we’re allowed to dress up for Halloween, and my boss decided to do a contest. Although I don’t normally dress up, everyone was so excited about it, I decided to go on ahead and do it! I work for an insurance company (not Progressive), so when I saw this costume on Pinterest I couldn’t resist:


Although I didn’t win (I didn’t even place) I got a lot of laughs and people kept telling me I looked exactly like her.

I bought a headband, blue shoes, and an apron, but I made the decorations on the apron. If you’d like to do the same thing, this is what you’ll need:

1. Headband
2. White t-shirt
3. White (or khaki) pants
4. Blue Shoes
5. Sticker paper
6. Iron on transfer paper
7. A template (you could design your own if you’re artistic, but Progressive supplies their own
8. Crazy bright lipstick

I used sticker paper to make the name tag and ‘I Heart Insurance’ badge. I wanted to use cardboard, but I couldn’t find any backings. So my sister suggested sticker paper (like the kind you use to label mailed packages.)

First, print out your name tag and badge. Mine kept wanting to print on the middle of the page, so copy and paste the template onto a word processing document before you print. Since I used the template on the Progressive website, I didn’t have to resize it at all. It printed out just the perfect size. (Note: when you see it, it looks like it’ll come out HUGE. But it won’t, trust me. You can even use regular printer paper to test it if you’re not sure.)

Take your iron-on transfer paper. Copy and paste the Progressive logo on a word processing document. Make sure you flip the words so it’s backwards. Also, follow the directions on your transfer paper exactly. Iron it on to your apron. It actually took me a couple of tries… the first time, my iron didn’t heat up correctly so it didn’t transfer. The second time, it worked perfectly!

Attach your stickers to your apron. (If you use stickers like I did, they may start to peel off. I used copious amounts of tape to remedy this.)

Rock your Halloween look, girlfriend!

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