Shoes, shoes, shoes!

imageLet’s talk shoes for a minute. I love them, in theory. Many times I walk past Aldo’s and sigh longingly, wishing that one of the shoes in the window could be mine. But, sadly, I have a weird shoe size. I wear size 8.5 narrows. And, well, there isn’t much that fits. I have a very weird hodge-podge mixture of shoes in my collection, most of which are products of very bad decision making. I can get those totally cute wedges at Target, but I need to buy them a size down. Or, I can get those cute flats, but not in my size.


Which means, often I have very pretty shoes but very unhappy feet. I know Zappo’s is very much an option, but it always made me so mad that I have to spend almost $100 for decent shoes, while all my friends could waltz into a Target and buy the same shoes for $35.00.

Well, I saw these totally cute shoes last year. They were a great deal more expensive last year, but they’ve really come down in price. I ordered them on Zappo’s and was so excited I requested next day shipping. Two days later, they showed up on my doorstep.


Boy, are they gorgeous. I don’t typically wear very high heels since I’m a klutz, but I make exceptions for occasions like these. They look great and feel good, and don’t squash my toes.


The problem? Still too big in the heel. I’m going to get rubber shoe liners to doctor them up appropriately. Since Zappo’s allows one whole year for returns, I am making absolutely sure I’m keeping them before fixing them.

They also have the shoes in black and leopard print. I plan to buy a pair of each.


 Naturalizer Lennox, Zappos


2 thoughts on “Shoes, shoes, shoes!

  1. I love shoes as well and am finding that the proper fit is even more important the older you get. I’ve never ordered anything from Zappo’s but boy do they have a generous return policy. I’ll have to check them out! Your shoes look great and I think you should snatch up the leopard print. I’m loving that look this fall!

    1. Yes, Zappos has a great return policy! I can’t believe they let you return up to a year (and they offer free shipping both ways.) The leopard print is totally on my list as well, I am also loving that look for fall! Right now I love leopard print everything. :) Thanks for stopping by !

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